Seoul, 1983

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This party set is special to me as this is the exact decor I did for my baby's first birthday. I put extra effort and love to put together this modernised version of Korean traditional birthday party table, and named it "Seoul, 1983" - the place and the year I was born. 

From the white porcelain vase made by Korean potter to bespoke silk flower bouquet to tea table decor - every item was lovingly hand-made or carefully chosen. 

We also included "Future career prediction kit" into this package so that you can try Korean tradition at the party. They are cute, made of clays, safe to babies!

* Rental is for weekends(Fri-Sun) only. Please choose the Friday you would like to get the boxes delivered.  


Seoul, 1983

This is the photo from my baby's birthday :) The exact set can brighten your special day!

Place your baby's favourite plush toy next to the tea table. The fox is my personal collection and is not included in this set :p

The tri-colour rice cake balls are made of clay and included in the package. 

Also the fruits in the bowl(refer to the photos on the top) are all fake and included in the set, too!

In the copper pot with clay flower picks, put some rice instead of the tissue papers. That's Korean tradition!

Cute little items on the wooden plate are "Future prediction kit". 

Golf club - Athletes

Painting palette - Artist

Stethoscope - Doctor

Pencil - Academic person

Guitar - Musician

Globe - World traveller

Mic - TV personel

Money pocket - Rich person

Yarn - Long life!

These cute Spring garden themed cake toppers are handmade by me!

Soft blush coloured curtains and paper flowers are included in the package for the backdrop :)